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At The Henry Austin, we do not have a fixed menu that we serve day after day for weeks or months at a time.

The produce we work with varies daily. We always try to find the best ingredients and use them in ways so that our dishes will be unique and the best they can be. Our chefs can often change a dish spontaneously depending on how the ingredients taste. Nothing is pre-cooked, we try to cook everything to order, so you won’t be getting fast food! These high quality ingredients are often only available in tiny quantities, as a result our banquet menus will differ, so each table sees a unique and personal experience. If you want us to email you a list of today’s dishes, please get in touch. You can either choose your experience dish by dish, or you can leave it in our hands and take a banquet menu for $65, $90 or go the whole hog with a wine pairing for $40 extra from a selection of the most exciting wines we know!
  • When it comes to dietary requirements and special requests - As everything is prepared fresh, we can cater ably for vegans, pescatarians, vegetarians, coeliac, low FODMAP and any ilk of diet that you'd care to imagine. In fact, we do our best to include those diets as much within our dishes, because the ingredients taste good enough without playing around too much with them.


    • MUSSELS: Kinkawooka mussels on vine leaves, cauliflower cream, pickled red cabbage - Super plump, delicious & juicy .
    • GREEN STRAWBERRIES: Rye cracker, chicken liver parfait, green strawberries on top. Our sourdough bread with dip.
    • KING FISH: Smoked kobia, from Queensland, served with grilled cos, granny smith apple, desert lime, walnut beurre noisette
    • BEEF: Smoked Coorong beef tartare, fermented black garlic, sweet potato and ginger. The best!
    • TROUT: Soy marinade ocean trout, avocado, pickled karkala, nori rice cracker.
    • MULLET: Coorong Mullet, beach greens, riberry.
    • MAGPIE GOOSE: Dried tomato, dried plum, black berries, goats curd, cured magpie goose.
    • KANGAROO: Paroo Kangaroo with smoked pomme, muntries.
    • QUAIL: Mountain Pepper glazed quail with a grain salad, roasted sweet potato and lemon.
    • PEACH: Roasted Adelaide Hills peach, berries, oats and yoghurt
    • ZOOPER DOOPER: A green ant and pineapple zooper dooper to finish - Proper Aussie.

Ha bar

The HA Bar, situated beneath the Henry Austin, is a comfortable escape from the ravages of city life. Settle yourself in, grab one of our range of superbly crafted and conditioned cocktails and allow us to take care of you. For private hire and functions, please drop a line to hello@TheHenryAustin.com.au

See www.Fringetix.com.au for more details

Henriatta's Cabaret Fringe Schedule

Through Fringe, The Henry Austin hosts over 100 Shows downstairs, and functions as restaurant, wine bar, late night haunt and full theatre, showcasing some of the finest shows, curated by Adelaide Fringe superstar & global creative ambassador Anya Anastasia.
From 16th February onwards a full schedule of shows with guaranteed entertainment